1. 13:15 23rd Apr 2014

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    Training at Rogue rehearsal! Felt good to be trained in something completely out of my comfort zone, even though I felt absolutely horrible. Gonna try and push to train more these upcoming months for HHI. After that, we worked on improv and stylization, and then learned an amazing piece from our directors. Essentially, the theme of the night seemed to be trying new things, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and exploring how your body moves. Great vibes, great people, great times. 

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    Honestly, nothing too exciting to report. Slept in after 4/20, played League, Skyped, and watched RuPaul. Just one of those days where you do whatever you want, whenever you want without any schedule. 

  7. #25HappyDays

    After the aftermath of UB, it was great to just relax and calm down on Sunday. It was even better that it was 4/20. Spend most of the day lying in bed and playing on my computer until Trang and Mariko came over to celebrate…let’s just say our performance. Bought chips, ice cream, and snacks. Ate everything we bought, watched The Heat, passed out. 

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    Fuck I missed a lot of days. 

    Anyways, 4/19/14. 

    Ultimate Brawl! Such a long, hard, tiring day, but so worth it. Being on that stage with Rogue was one of the most amazing opportunities I’ve had, and the feeling of walking off that stage was equally fulfilling. This set was one of the most challenging but rewarding sets I’ve ever done and I’m so honored to have been part of it. It was also great to see old friends and meet new ones. 

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  10. 17:54 17th Apr 2014

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    Spent the afternoon with Trang fucking around in fashion district, looking for fabric for Rogue costumes, and watching RuPaul (but more importantly watching Kevin’s reactions to the elimination). Then, went to Club Jete to support Richard and his debut showcase! Congrats to him and his dancers :) So glad to have been able to see his growth and success.