1. 17:54 17th Apr 2014

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    Spent the afternoon with Trang fucking around in fashion district, looking for fabric for Rogue costumes, and watching RuPaul (but more importantly watching Kevin’s reactions to the elimination). Then, went to Club Jete to support Richard and his debut showcase! Congrats to him and his dancers :) So glad to have been able to see his growth and success. 

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    Trang came back from Portland! After a late, hard practice it was really nice to go out and get dinner with him and some teammates to catch up. 

  3. #19HappyDays

    As great as it was to have you here for a week, being able to sprawl out on my bed however I wanted was one of the best feelings ever. My twin bed felt like a queen. 

  4. 14:00 14th Apr 2014

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    A great insight into how TV focus tests work (or don’t) by Giancarlo Volpe:

    A little behind the scenes look of the early stages of Green Lantern the Animated Series.

    My eternal gratitude to everyone who helped prove the doubters wrong.

  7. 20:14 13th Apr 2014

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    Pillow Talk and basketball shorts.

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    Jacks and Joes, shopping, Korean BBQ, and Round 1. 

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    Coming home after a long, hard rehearsal, finding niksong curled up in my bed, and finally having time to talk to her about something other than how we were going trade off babysitting yaffytaffs

  10. #15HappyDays

    (Verbally) fought my professor over test questions/answers. It feels good to undermine professors, especially ones that don’t know how wrong they are.